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Important information regarding the limited reopening of school:


Proposed school reopening

Dear parents/carers,

We are writing to inform you how Westminster is approaching the government’s plan of limited reopening of school.

Which year groups can come back?

Nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6.

When will nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 return?

If the trust board approves the reopening, the starting dates are as below:


Year Group

Starting Date

Start of the day

End of the day



Year 6

Tuesday 9th June

8:40 am

3:00 pm

(Friday 12:30)

Stamford Road

W’minster Road


Tuesday 9th June

12:30 pm

2:30 pm

Nursery Gate

Nursery Gate


Thursday 11th June

9:20 am

2:30 pm

(Friday 12:00)

Stamford Road

W’minster Road

Year 1

Thursday 11th June

9:00 am

2:45 pm

(Friday 12:15)

Stamford Road

W’minster Road


Do I have to send my child to school?

No. The government have not made it compulsory for children to attend school. This is your decision. There will be no fines.

What do I do if I want my child to attend?

If your child is in nursery, reception, year 1 or year 6, you will need to give us one week as notice so that risk assessments can be updated. We will then let you know if your child may attend.

This is because strict social distancing measures will be in place, and we would need to make sure that we could safely take more pupils.

What will school look like?

  • Limited group sizes (maximum of 8 children in a ‘bubble’)
  • Strict social distancing in classrooms, corridors and playgrounds
  • Lunch will be taken in classrooms
  • No outdoor playground equipment to be used (to reduce the risk of infection)
  • No soft toys or furnishing in classrooms
  • No shared equipment or toys, including sand/water in the early years
  • Only one adult is allowed to drop off/collect children.
  • Children will not be allowed to bring any non-essential items (eg toys, footballs, PE kit etc)
  • Staff may be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

Will my child miss out if they do not attend?

No. Children in school will follow the same curriculum (Oak Academy) as children who are learning at home.

What will happen about free-school-meals?

  • Children attending school, who normally receive a free-school-meal, will receive a packed lunch (sandwiches, fruit and a drink).
  • Children, who normally receive a free-school-meal, that are staying at home will continue to receive the government free-school-meal vouchers.

What can children bring to school?

  • Children are not allowed to wear face masks (this is due to government guidelines)
  • If your child does not receive a free school meal, they will need to bring their own packed lunch
  • All children must bring a water bottle which will be taken home to wash each day
  • An in-date inhaler, EpiPen or any other medication, if your child needs these (children will not be able to come to school if they do not have this medication)

Will there be any before or after school clubs?

No. This is to minimise contact for pupils.

Will children need to wear uniform?

Children are not expected to wear school uniform. To help stop the spread of coronavirus, a fresh set of clothes should be worn each day.

Children should wear sensible footwear (ie school shoes/trainers).

What happens if a child becomes ill?

If a child becomes ill with symptoms of COVID-19, they will be taken to an isolation room. Parents will be informed immediately.

On collection, children must isolate immediately and be tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible. The school office will support parents in booking a COVID-19 test. We will then find out the outcome of the test so that we know if other children and staff need to self-isolate.


Medical Concerns

The government advise that if your child or anyone else in your household is more vulnerable to coronavirus, you should seek advice from your GP or hospital consultant.

What school looks like now



Around the building