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Early Reading

At Westminster, we believe reading is of high priority and an essential part of a child’s learning and development. Our guided reading and home readers for Reception are in line with the phonics that we teach. We have high expectations for our children to engage in reading and develop a ‘love of reading’ during the foundation stage.

Daily reading sessions take place in the Foundation Stage, engaging children through captivating storytelling, opportunities to role play and accessing a variety of books in the Foundation Stage and school library.

Children in Nursery have the opportunity to take home a ‘class reader’ from their class library and children are provided with a home reading diary for parental comments.

This practice also continues through Reception, children are provided with home reader texts that are in line with their phonic ability and children are also provided with a home reading diary.

Parents are invited to attend phonics and reading workshops throughout the year. These provide reading strategies for parents to use at home.